Glass Fencing

See THROUGH the Fence and NOT the Fence Itself.

The main function of any fence is to provide a barrier, but wood or wrought iron fences can become an eyesore. The benefit of glass is that it lets the light in and keeps much more noise and wind out, all with an unobtrusive construction that allows you to see through the fence and not the fence itself. Wood and wrought iron also require moderate regular maintenance, not to mention, they do not create effective sound attenuation barriers compared to a glass-paneled fence, which requires minimal maintenance.

We use tempered glass panels in a variety of thicknesses for durability and safety. All of the metals used in our construction are specially coated to provide superior resistance to harsh environments. The end result is a product that is built to last and provides superior performance compared to other fencing alternatives.

We guarantee all of our glass fencing to be free from material and workmanship defects.