Custom Design

It’s About Choice

Our glass fences, balcony and deck furnishing can be custom designed to meet your specific needs. Akme Glass Company offers flexible solutions based upon the intended function, aesthetic requirements, or unique location of your particular project.

Maybe you require a taller height than standard fencing, or perhaps your fence needs to run along a steep slope. Perhaps you would like a gate through your fence to access a park or a golf course on the other side. Maybe you have a balcony you’d like to enclose to block out the noise and wind, but you don’t want your view obstructed by a top rail. We can adapt the construction of the project to meet those unique requirements where the location of the job demands customization.

We can also customize the material, including glass sizes, shapes and tints, and framework widths and colors (see Colors and Finish Work for more details.)

We can also help by addressing your time and scheduling needs, and we will provide a solution that maintains our high standards for quality and safety.

Of course, each job is different, and the best way to address your customization concerns is to meet with our contractor for advice and a free estimate.